Message Yankees’ Greg Bird has for doubters that he’ll get healthy and become star

Yankees first baseman Greg Bird already is getting around pretty good for a guy who had arthroscopic surgery on his right ankle on March 27. He showed up Sunday to Yankee Stadium in a walking boot, but ditched it soon after arriving.

His future? He’s as determined and confident as ever that he’s going to live up to the high expectations that the Yankees for him, the expectations that he has for himself.

They say most players caught under the NFL’s program aren’t first-time PED users. That first failed test typically indicates the player had been using something undetectable, but either he got sloppy or the league found a new way to detect it.

Players also suspect the NFL is paying close attention to the Panthers because of the team’s recent history. Defensive lineman Charles Johnson received a four-game suspension in 2017 for violating the league’s PED policy. Backup offensive lineman Chris Scott was suspended for four games for a PED violation in 2016. Defensive lineman Wes Horton received the same punishment in 2015.

“The main thing, #ComebackSZN for me is like no matter wherbills_014e I end up and no matter what happens football-wise,” Manziel explained, “at least my life, at least, you know, I’ve repaired a lot of relationships that needed work, I’ve repaired a lot of myself that needed a lot of work and I’m able to run back on the field, something I didn’t know if I’d ever get a chance to do again.

“So it’s disappointing, some of the things that happened, but nevertheless this is a huge step for me. I put pads back on. A lot of people would have just wrote me off to even get to this point. I’m definitely emotional about it. I’m definitely happy about it. This isn’t the end goal for me, but I’m having fun again. You know, guys talking s**on the field, I’m having fun. I had a smile on my face. You know, I’ll be pissed off when I go back and watch this during the night, but at least I know we come back out here in four days again and we play again.”

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