Doctors are declaring Jim Kelly’s surgery a success.

The Hall of Fame Buffalo Bills quarterback underwent a 12-hour procedure on Wednesday to remove oral cancer and reconstruct Kelly’s upper jaw.

We successfully removed Mr. Kelly’s cancer from his upper jaw and lymph nodes from his neck, Dr. Mark Urken, head and neck surgeon at Mount Sinai West, said in a statement, via ESPN’s Mike Rodak. We then reconstructed his upper jaw. Mr. Kelly is resting comfortably post-operatively.

Jill Kelly said in a statement her husband’s recovery would be extensive. Jim is expected to remain in the hospital for a few weeks.

The real focus of the meeting on the social justice was passing, which we did unanimously, the last piece of our program that we worked out with the Players’ Coalition, which was to create a platform to address the issues which the players had raised, that they’re passionate about. And the ownership wanted to support them. And so I think we’ve really come together in a unique program to support the players and to work between the teams and the players to address those issues in the communities. That was the vast majority of our conversation over the last couple days. There was some discussion on the anthem but only in the context of Is this the platform in which to help the players address these issues in their communities and make sure we’re in a better place

By the way, history is instructive here. Back in 2000, another New York team had a mercurial superstar wide receiver who was entering the final year of his rookie deal, wanted to be the highest-paid wideout in football and ended up getting traded right before the draft for two first-round picks.

Just an opinion, but I still feel it’s very much in play. It has to be! The Eagles are playing this the right way, of course. They are letting it be known that Foles, a freshly minted Super Bowl MVP, represents the ultimate organizational security blanket as Carson Wentz works his way back from reconstructive knee surgery. And that’s certainly true. But it doesn’t trump the fact that a) Wentz has progressed well in rehab and is expected to be ready for Week 1 ; and b) Foles’ trade value will never be higher than it is right now.patriots_148-223x223

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