Cowboys’ 1978 halfback pass opens NFL’s Super Bowl trick-play TD video

Cowboys’ 1978 halfback pass opens NFL’s Super Bowl trick-play TD video More Want even more evidence the NFL is a league that is hesitant to try things out of the norm? On the biggest stage with everything on the line, trick plays that break conventional wisdom rarely go down. Coaches often exist in a perpetual state of second-guess fear.

And yet there was Cleveland with a chance to steal Game 1 on Thursday night, thanks to Smith’s rebound four feet from the rim and a shot at a game-winning putback in the final seconds.

You’ve seen the replay of what Smith did instead by now: He dribbled the clock out like a fool. Golden State won the game in overtime. America collectively shook its head.

Just how badly did Smith screw up? Let’s put it in context with other championship-round gaffes, starting at least severe and careening to most cringe-worthy.

His voice trails off. He gazes down at the court. At one end, the 14-year-old (Javen) launches jumpers. At the other, Jazz is now throwing his Royals hat at the rim.

No, it never got to the point of plotting his own death. Suicidal thoughtsremained only that. Thoughts. But do not think for a second he’s in the end zone celebrating.

As the three kids begin to pinball back up the bleachers, I suggest to Lewis that he got to the other side. He cuts in. 

It’s not over, he says. I have to keep moving.

I have always been an upstanding citizen and handled the situation the best way I know how, Williams said. I apologize if I should have handled it a little bit differently.

The 28-year-old Williams was expected to miss all the offseason workouts after breaking his right foot in January and having surgery. The Cowboys released cowboys_070 in a cost-cutting move while signing two free agents and drafting two more receivers.

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