Lions sign three tryout players

The Lions found three guys at their rookie minicamp who they wanted to take a longer look at.

The team announced they had signed wide receiver Deontez Alexander, tight end Marcus Lucas, and cornerback Josh Okonye.

By the way, if they do bring back the Batman look, they should bring back that entire diagram and have the players wear a single-bar facemask because those are amazing.

Anyway, here’s what a more modern version of the Batman uniform would look like.

Here’s what the same uniform would look like in white, if the Steelers decide to go that route. The Steelers will only be wearing the throwback for one game, so they definitely won’t be wearing both colors.

The new throwback won’t be the only different uniform the Steelers are wearing this year. The team has already confirmed that the all-black Color Rush uniform will also be on the field in 2018. The Steelers will be wearing that look for their Thursday night game against the Panthers in Week 10.

The Steelers will definitely be hoping that fans love the new throwback as much as they love the team’s Color Rush uniform.

Blandino will start the new position immediately and resume it in January 2019 after the next football season has wrapped up.

Is Keenum a one-hit wonder or a late bloomer? If it’s the latter, the Broncos might have signed a franchise quarterback in March for a more-than-reasonable $36 million over two years.

If he can perform the way he did in Minnesota, the Broncos will have a shot at the playoffs in 2018, regardless of what Chubb does opposite Von Miller.

Detroit Lions fans are allowed to be discouraged by the team’s failure to win more than nine games in five of the last six seasons. We’re in the post-Calvin Johnson era, and the Lions don’t appear as though they’re on the brink of a Super Bowl run in a division that features the juggernaut Minnesota Vikings and the Aaron Rodgers-led Green Bay Packers.

But it’s entirely possible we’ve yet to see the best of quarterback Matthew Stafford, who just turned 30 and is coming off his highest-rated season.  bucks_049

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