Eagles QB Nick Foles will earn at least $250K per game with updated deal, report says

It’s not 100 percent clear how much Nick Foles will play next season, but he could be paid handsomely thanks to a restructured contract in Philadelphia.

The Eagles quarterback is set to make a minumum of $250,000 per game if he plays a third of the team’s offensive snaps, ESPN.com reported.

“[Plaintiffs] Eric Inselberg, Michael Jakab and Sean Godown have resolved all claims in their pending litigation against the New York Giants, Eli Manning, John Mara, William Heller, Joseph Skiba, Edward Skiba and Steiner Sports, in accordance with a confidential settlement agreement reached today. The compromise agreement, entered into by all parties, should not be viewed as supporting any allegations, claims or defenses.

Coaches wanted every player present from Day 1, but veterans like Pro Bowl running back Robert Smith would try to hold out every year before signing one-year deals. Smith had several major knee injuries early in his career, and he thought the extra contact would expose him to more. I was happy to sign him two weeks prior to the regular season, as I knew he’d be in shape when he reported. I didn’t have to worry about him getting hurt before the season.

Kyle scored 19 points in a game in Portland on March 15, but when he heard how sick his brother was, he chartered a plane that night and brought Kaleb and his wife, who live in Portland, with him to Iowa City. The family felt fortunate that Kyle had been in Portland so he could travel with Kaleb. They felt there was even more luck when the flight crew on the jet happened to be based in Iowa City and gave the Korvers a ride to the hospital.ravens_013

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